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What Are My Social Security Disability Rights?


Social Security CardOne question that people ask us every day is "What are my Social Security Disability Rights?"

If you are a worker in America, you have paid into the Social Security system and you have important rights. In addition to retirement benefits after age 62, part of the Social Security payment made from your pay check provides Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in the event that you become disabled from the customary work force.

Whether you are hurt on the job, hurt at home, suffer a debilitating disease or mental impairment that has or is expected to keep you out of the workforce for 12 months or more, you may be entitled to SSDI benefits. Even if you have an insufficient work history, Social Security Income (SSI) provides a minimum income for beneficiaries with limited assets. This benefit is not dependent on past or present employment as long as you are not able to work at “substantial gainful employment.”

Appeals- Dont Give Up!

As you might imagine, the Social Security Administration carefully scrutinizes Social Security disability claims, and many individuals who are entitled to benefits are initially denied. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO APPEAL. Frequently, we are able to overturn initial denials of Social Security Disability benefits by assisting your appeal to an administrative law judge who we ask to carefully look at the observations and opinions of treating physicians who have found you to unable to work.

An individual, making a claim for Social Security Disability, either SSDI or SSI benefits, is always able to hire their own attorneys to represent them. We are frequently asked to represent a claimant on a percentage fee basis where we are not entitled to a fee unless we help you obtain your benefits and you are awarded your benefits. At the Social Security Disability Rights Center we are glad to discuss Social Security Disability claims over the phone or in person at no charge. Feel free to call for a confidential consultation. You paid for the benefits, do not be ashamed to apply for them when you become disabled from work.



Articles contained here are not intended to provide legal advice, only providing general information. We encourage individuals to consult with an attorney regarding individual circumstances.


I am currently going through an agency and basically have control over my funds. I currently have a large amount of back pay that I'm trying to retrieve but have to go through hoops to receive any thing. The company that I go through are also having trouble with my requests and needs. I's there any way to find out how to go about dealing with problems and questions I have?
Posted @ Sunday, June 16, 2013 8:26 PM by cleopatra putman
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